Hussey appalled at name change suggestion for RUC Athletic Association

24 March 2012

Ulster Unionist Policing Board Member Ross Hussey has hit out at suggestions that the RUC Athletic Association should change its name.

The West Tyrone MLA said:

"Personally I am appalled that anyone within the PSNI Command Structure would countenance such a move.  There is no doubt that the RUC Athletic Association was founded by members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary both Protestant and Roman Catholic who used their own money to make the Association what it is today.

It is not a part of the PSNI estate it is a stand alone organisation.

Attempts to airbrush the proud tradition of the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC must be fought by all those who had the honour to wear the uniform of that force and they must be supported not only by political representatives but by the public and dare I say it the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

I am rather concerned that there may be some within the higher ranks of the PSNI who seem oblivious to the fact that the full title is "the Police Service of Northern Ireland incorporating the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC."

Incorporation does not mean annihilation.

I am also concerned that in an answer to me on this issue the Justice Minister chose to expand in his answer to include his own personal opinion. This is both strange and unnecessary as he neither served in nor personally contributes to the RUCAA."

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