Hussey condemns cowardly threats to businesses who serve Police officers

26 October 2016

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Policing Board Member, Ross Hussey MLA, has condemned the threat to local businesses in County Londonderry who serve members of the PSNI as the work of cowards and bully boys.

Ross Hussey said:

“Quite clearly the people behind this threat are nothing more than cowards who are stuck in the past and following the same failed tactics of the Provisional IRA. 

“They are so stuck in the past that they have no new ideas or tactics other than to attempt to carry forward a campaign that caused 30 years of misery and destruction and still did not break the link between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. 

“These threats are disgraceful and those responsible must be faced down and brought to book. This society has made its choice. It wants a Police Service and it wants normal policing. Those who would seek to threaten businesses who serve members of the PSNI are nothing more than bully boys and fascists with nothing to offer.”

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