Hussey condemns latest cowardly attack on Londonderry family home of Police officer

17 April 2012

Ulster Unionist MLA Ross Hussey has condemned last night’s incident in the Shantallow area of Londonderry in which a bomb was left under the car of the parents of a Police officer. 

West Tyrone MLA Mr Hussey, who represents his Party on the Policing Board, said:

 “Last night Londonderry was once again the scene of a so-called “dissident” republican terrorist attack, this time in the Drumleck Drive area of Shantallow.  

 Someone chose to place a bomb under the car of the parents of a Police Officer. A device was left in a built up area close to a church. Once again cowards have sought to intimidate and terrorise a community and threaten lives of innocent people. Their actions are in stark contrast to the bravery of our Police officers.

 This was quite simply an act of madness from people who have nothing to offer anyone. The people of Shantallow, like the rest of Northern Ireland have moved on. They both want and are entitled to a Police Service that works with the community to ensure public safety.

 Terrorists and criminals must be isolated and taken out of circulation. They are a blight on the communities in which they live and they must be stopped. The Police are obviously doing their best to combat the threat from these individuals, but it is imperative that the community gives the Police every assistance to do their job.

 I would appeal to anyone who can provide any information regarding any form of terrorist activity to pass it on immediately. These people simply must be stopped before someone else is killed.” 

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