Hussey condemns Strabane security alert

20 July 2016

Ulster Unionist MLA Ross Hussey has condemned the security alert which has caused disruption in the vicinity of the Drumrallagh housing estate near Strabane.   

Mr Hussey said:

“Once again Strabane is in the news for all the wrong reasons and residents of the Drumrallagh estate are having their daily routines disrupted.

“At this stage it is unclear whether or not the Police are dealing with a viable device or a hoax, but what is clear is that once again the security forces are bravely putting themselves in harm’s way as they seek to protect the entire community from gangsters and criminals who serve no cause but their own.

“It this does turn out to be the latest in a long line of incidents from those republicans who are still wedded to violence, then it simply shows the futility of their position. They are not uniting Ireland, nor are they striking a blow against the British State. They need to accept that their efforts are doomed to failure and get off the backs of local people once and for all.”

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