Hussey supports border chase corridor

13 April 2012

Ulster Unionist MLA and Policing Board member Ross Hussey has suggested there could be a corridor along the border for police to use during "hot pursuit" chases. 

West Tyrone MLA Ross Hussey said such a move would enable the PSNI or Garda to cross the border when chasing suspects.

Mr Hussey speaking on RTE's Prime Time programme said:

"Obviously I don't want to see the Garda chasing someone from Dublin to Belfast, but I think a reasonable corridor could be created. I don't have a problem in a hot pursuit situation if the guards or the PSNI are chasing somebody from Emyvale to Aughnacloy, or Aughnacloy towards Emyvale. I think that some sort of relationship can be formed between the PSNI and the guards for that."

  Referring to on-the-run criminals who cross the bordeReferring to on-the-run criminals who cross the border Mr Hussey said: "These type of people are not wanted by society full stop, they are using the border to their own advantage. They are not Irish or British or anything of that sort, they're just conmen."

Mr Hussey added that he would also be “very much in favour” of an agreement between UK Governments and the Republic for criminals to be extradited through a quicker and easier process.  

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